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Today we will talk about the 3 advantages we have to learn Spanish as adults.

Are kids better than us when learning Spanish or any other language?

Firstable, I must say that we have many beliefs about life. Some of them are right and some of them are wrong. In any case we always need to make some research about what we believe and questioning anything to get to the true.

This being said, if you are learning Spanish you have probably heard a very common limit belief:

“Kids are better than adults as language learners”

Does that sound familiar to you?

I have to demystify this, because I’m an adult and I have learned German and English faster than usual and don’t have any gene which makes me extra talented. Actually, I used to suck at English until High School in Mexico and even in my first year in College.

After that I found another way to approach languages and decided to go out my comfort zone, but we’ll talk about it later.

Anyways, kids are not better than us and we are not better than kids regarding language learning.

We both have different advantages and disadvantages. The problem is that we don’t focus on our advantages. Therefore, you could truly believe kids can learn many languages easier than you due the fact you are making no progress with Spanish.

So, here is our advantages and how we can harness them:

1. We can learn a language quickly:

We always say that kids can learn many languages, because we have heard about those stories. And, of course, they can do it, if they have polyglot parents or go to a bilingual school.

But they don’t learn a language quickly, they take time, more time than we can.

Have you heard stories about people who have learned a language in weeks or a few months?

If so, you can see they all are adults. Because even if kids can learn many languages in their childhood, it takes them a lot of time and we can accelerate the process tremendously as adults.

If you don’t believe me, just check Fluent in 3 months by Benny Lewis and you’ll see how many adults are learning a new language rapidly.

2. We are aware of the context:

I like to watch videos whether on Facebook or Youtube where kids are saying no-sense things because most of the time is super funny and -on the other hand- it helps to prove my point.

If you have a kid or little brother, you know they say some words -when they just start to speak- and most of the time it makes no sense at all for us. We explain them how they should say it and next minute… they say it wrong again and again and it seems they enjoy it.

On the other hand, we can understand when something makes no sense.

For example: In English we say: I changed my mind.

And if you are learning Spanish you would be likely to say: Cambié mi mente.

If you say Cambié mi mente to someone in Spanish they are going to look at you like…. What???

Did you actually change your mind? Did you have a surgery and had a brain transplant?

No. In Spanish we say: Cambié de opinion. I changed my opinion.

And now that I explained this to you, of course you are going to understand and not going to use Cambié mi mente in a conversation.

Would a kid do the same? Probably he would, probably he wouldn’t. What I know it’s that he will do what he wants.

3. We can learn a new language deliberately:

We have talked about how kids can learn a language or more than one easily if they are exposed to the languages. This is very important.

If they are not exposed to it either in school or at home, they won’t learn anything just because they want. They want to play not to learn a language. If they learn it, it’s because is natural for them when they are immerse in the language naturally.

When we learn a new language, we decided to do it. We have a reason and we take action to achieve our objective even if we are not living in a Spanish speaking country in our case. We want it, we go for it.

And that’s a huge advantage in case you haven’t noticed yet.

These are the most important advantages in my opinion that we have as adults to learn Spanish and any language in the world. Kids have their own and we also do.

Okay. We have got to the end. But I didn’t forget your gift.

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Go for it and I will help you with it.

Do you think there are more advantages we have as adults to learn a language? Do you think kids are better yet?

Tell me what you think, and I’ll see you next week with another hack.

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Nos vemos! 😊

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