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Kolby Kothmann English Teacher

Kolby Kothmann


Juan knows how to focus on my weaknesses and challenge me to make me the best I can be- I always learn so much in our sessions! I am so grateful for his patience and expertise in the Spanish language and can see my progress every session. He's great to learn from and like I've said before, I'm grateful to have found him.

Brad Cinesmith Trainer

Brad Cinesmith


It's always a fun session with Juan, I've learned a lot in the few sessions I've had with him. There is always a good mix of the day-to-day and conversational Spanish mixed with new vocab to take my Spanish to the next level. My confidence in speaking the language has increased a lot thanks to Juan.

Desmonde Meas

I have more confidence at communicating


Juan’s guidance has made a huge difference with my ability to communicate confidently and effectively. Juan’s continuous patience and Spanish knowledge are invaluable.

Juan is excellent at simplifying complex grammar rules and explaining them in a more comprehensible and engaging manner. I’m a huge proponent of contextual and practical learning and Juan provides such that; he lets me know what is practical and relevant, while disregarding irrelevant principles that are rarely used in the Spanish language.

You will be surprised how much Spanish knowledge you already have as random words will suddenly come to mind when conversing with Juan. Overall, I would recommend this program to any open-minded learner that wants to start speaking Spanish “the right way”!

Once you give him in your end-in-mind, your endeavors will be easily attained! Mil Gracias, Juan!




I took my first session with Juan and it was challenging in a good way. I was scared but he guided me through the items I didn't know and the ones I may have forgotten.

Juan approach the language learning from a very practical standpoint. It was a nice mental exercise for me to see the words that I didn't know, but also the ones I already knew.

I feel so excited about my Spanish learning now!

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