How to choose the best online Spanish teacher for you

By Juan Diego Balam

Mar 15

Nowadays, learning a language online is a trend and many people are deciding to try this way yo achieve fluency quickly and at an affordable cost.

The problem is that you first have to find the right tutor. Here is the 3 aspects you should consider before picking your Spanish teacher.

1. Check her introductory video:

The best websites to get a language tutor ask their teachers to record a video to talk about the advantages to work with them instead others.

First check if the teacher has a video, if she doesn't, why would she bother about preparing the sessions according to your interests.

2. Is she a certified and experienced teacher like the rest?

In the video most of the tutors work hardly to explain how many certifies they have and how many years they have been teaching.

The right Spanish teacher is the one who doesn't talk about her in the video, but about how you can progress and the benefits you can get by working together.

3. The more customized, the more progress:

During the trial lesson with the teacher, make sure she is willing to adapt the lessons for you. If she tries to start teaching you some grammar from the beginning, without asking anything about your goals or try make you read or make exercises you are not interested on, then go away as fast as possible.

In summary: the best teacher is the one who has a introductory video, the one who speak about the benefits you can get by working together and the tutor who cares about listening to you and customize the lesssons to your interests and goals. 😉

Nos vemos!

P.D. Do you think, is there any other aspect we should consider before picking an online Spanish teacher? Share it on the comments below. 👇👇

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